After a quiet period for many years Linda and David Grant have become the contacts for the Cornwall area.   They are both enthusiastic and have organised several events to get to know other families in their area and also to raise awareness of the Heart Circle as well as funds to be used locally.

 linda and david grant cornwall contacts

David & Linda write:
The Cornish branch had been dormant for a while when Linda and I took over the running in October 2004.

Our first job was to write to everyone on the mailing list, and also to the few extra people we had met during our various trips to Bristol.  We had our first meeting in November 2004, when four families turned up.  We were able to have a good talk about what we would like to do and our aims – supporting each other, organising social events and fundraising.

Linda and David are liaising with Dr Tometski to see how best the money can be spent to help the children who attend the cardiac outpatient clinics in Cornwall’

If any other families living in Cornwall would like to get involved, or just want to talk, feel free to telephone us on
Bodmin (01208) 77737. 


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